• ✔ Colour light grey water-repellent polyester fabric.
  • ✔ The cover is particularly tear-resistant and flexible.
  • ✔ Thanks to the concealed sewn-in zippers, the covers can be easily removed and washed if necessary (hand wash 30°C, not suitable for tumble drying)The fabric feels very comfortable!
  • ✔ Most dirt can be removed with a damp cloth,


  • ✔ "Quick dry foam" is a filling foam specially developed for outdoor use. The open structure allows moisture and wetness to pass through quickly, i.e. no moisture remains in the filling, thus ensuring good air circulation. It therefore dries quickly and is not a target for fungi and mould.

teak wood:

  • ✔ The teak furniture is delivered in its natural state. Please note that in the first months oily substances can be washed out of the wood surface by rain. This can lead to stains on light-colored natural stone floors.The teak can be cleaned with warm water, neutral soap and a root brush if it is slightly dirty. To prevent the typical teak patina, the wood can be treated with an oil specially designed for teak. This treatment is only a visual aspect: the formation of the silver-gray patina and minor hairline cracks are typical of teak and are not a reason for complaint, as the quality and properties of the wood are not reduced. Clean the wood 1-2 times a year with a teak cleaner and a firm brush. In this way you will prevent the dirt from settling in the pores. If you like the natural characteristics of teak, then you can limit the maintenance to cleaning. If you do not like the silver-gray patina, then you should start care before the graying ( teak oil ), so you delay the process of graying. Before maintenance, please clean first, because dirt stains are not removed by the teak oil but more visible! 


  • ✔ Color anthracite. The frame is made of powder-coated aluminum. Non-rusting, weather resistant and easy to clean. Cleaning: clean the frame with a mild soapy water and a soft sponge, do not use abrasive cleaners.

Shipping - Assembly:

  • ✔ This article will be shipped for you by a forwarding agent to the curb to an address you specify. Cardboard packed & assembled ... unpack, set up, ready !

Care instructions:

  • ✔ Basically, our garden furniture is weatherproof. However, we recommend the use of a protective cover, which not only protects against rain, but also dust, pollen, dirt and UV radiation.
  • ✔ During the winter months we recommend to store the upholstery in a protected room. This way, you can enjoy your new ICM garden lounge for a long time.